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September 11, 2001 investigation

What really happened on this worst day of terror in human history. The backgrounds. A top quality criminal investigation.


This page is dedicated to all victims and survivors. Our prayer and our thoughts go to you! Here we try (!) To explain the background as thoroughly as possible.








"... the article is the most comprehensive I have found so far - regarding truth .." Readers' opinion of my report


Information History of the World Trade Center

The idea of a world trade center under the motto: "Trade means peace" came from a time before the beginning of the Second World War by the ultra-rich Rockefeller clan, who also financed the project. But it was not until the 1960s that this idea was finally incorporated into the Acted. Areas at the port area were purchased, which were deserted due to the lack of use of container ships, and retailers who lost their business due to the construction of the World Trade Center were compensated.

The WTC was a project by David Rockefeller (pictured) at a press conference on June 8, 1973. He spoke about the reconstruction of the 1.6 km² area from Canal Street to Battery Park at One Chase Plaza in New York.


The two twin towers were built between 1966 and 1971 in an area in Lower Manhattan / New York. The opening took place on April 4th, 1973. The architect was the American, who died in 1986 and has Japanese roots, Minoru Yamasaki (photo), whose design was based on everything. At New York University, he enrolled for a master's degree in architecture and got a job at the architecture firm Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, designer of the Empire State Building. From 1949 he started his own business and founded his own company Yamasaki & Associates, which existed until 2009.

Yamasaki himself was terrified of heights and therefore deliberately designed small windows.



Construction began in August 1968, and construction costs were approximately $ 900 million. The North Tower (with TV antenna) was the tallest building in the world for 1 year at 417 meters. 200,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of the Twin Towers. The construction was designed to withstand hurricanes, the worst earthquake, and the impact of a Boeing 707, the largest passenger aircraft of the time. In 1993 there was a bomb attack in the basement of the WTC, at that time the terrorist network "Al Qaida" claimed responsibility for the attack.

The owner was the New York Port Authority from 1973 to July 2001. Then the towers became the property of Larry Silverstein, an investor who has ties to former President George W. Bush.



On September 11, 2001, both beautiful towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed in a terrorist attack, which is the worst human crime of the 21st century.

Digital revolution and many new insights are making the air for the former Bush Administration thin. Inside job more than likely. Here I start my own investigation and have put together some evidence that raises doubts about the "official theory" of 2004 and this is not a conspiracy theory! Facts have been researched and gathered meticulously.

The real perpetrators were in the US government

Military means were used against their own civilian population. I accuse the Bush Administration of collaborating with the Islamist assassins and of making this terrorist attack possible through deliberate omission, involving all state organs and my own preparations. I accuse the FBI of not carrying out my own investigations properly and concealing important findings from the population. Former FBI chief Comey said in an official letter that he had a box about September 11 investigations that were "classified".

I request that the following people be extradited to the International Criminal Court and a trial brought against them to clarify the events: George W. Bush (2001, the 43rd President of the United States), Dick Cheney (2001, Vice President), Donald Rumsfeld (2001 Secretary of Defense), Paul Wolfowitz (2001 Vice Secretary of Defense), Robert Mueller (FBI Director 2001) George Tenet (CIA Director 2001) Condoleeza Rice (2001 National Security Advisor), Robert Marr (2001 EADS Officer and Responsible for Air Defense on September 11).

Evidence already supports the initial suspicion of public prosecutor's investigations into this serious crime against humanity!

According to so-called "conspiracy theories", the plans of the "Kabale" power elite for September 11, 2001 were even greater

The terrorist attacks were supposed to trigger a starvation in the United States with civil war, people should go out on the streets so that the government can declare the "emergency" to establish a military dictatorship. The US Democratic Order would have been eliminated for this, the fourth plane was planned to be driven into the Capitol, but thank God that could be thwarted. President Bush was already in a bunker during the terror day on September 11, 2001 (pictures).


The plans for this were secretly drawn up by Vice Dick Cheney and were called the "Continuity of Gonvernment Plan" a plan to continue the government in the event of a crisis.

He has already been given oversight of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons with his own office, President Bush's Office of National Preparedness. The undemocratic illegitimate military government was ready, but fortunately it didn't happen. For the US government's evil forces, this was a collosal failure.

September 11th was a mass crime against humanity. 2753 people died that day. To date, no trace of 40% of the dead at the World Trade Center is missing.

In addition to police officers, paramedics and firefighters, the World Trade Center also killed children and pregnant women in the worst violation of the UN Human Rights Charter. The citizens were not warned and the state did not protect its own people, but handed them over to this crime and helped to cover up and destroy evidence! Follow the research!

In my opinion, September 11th is the crime of humanity!



Operation September 11 was planned well in advance. Notes in publications

Already shortly after the opening of the WTC on April 4, 1973, comics, films and books indicated the destruction of the Twin Towers. Most of the time, airplanes were already involved. Comicheld Superman tried to extinguish a fire at the World Trade Center in 1973. All just chance and imagination, why should hundreds of illustrators and writers all have the same idea that the WTC will be destroyed? In 1984 the World Trade Center was checked for vulnerabilities because of the open warning of a terrorist attack. So from that point on you knew how to bring the towers down.



The construction of the WTC

The World Trade Center was built to last. The construction described here explains why an "inside job" with the participation of the US government is likely and a plane crash would not have been enough to bring the towers down.

There were four large structural subsystems in the towers. The first, the outer structural subsystem, was a vertical square tube made up of 236 narrow columns attached to each side from the 10th to the 107th floor. There were also gaps in each of the chamfered corners, but they did not carry any of the gravitational loads. (There were fewer columns at a greater distance below the seventh floor to accommodate the doorways.) Each column was made by welding four steel plates to form a tall box, nominally 14 inches on one side. The distance between the steel columns was 26 inches. There was a narrower framed glass window in each gap. Adjacent columns were connected on each floor by sheet steel plates 52 inches high. Less wind load and building mass had to be carried in the upper parts of the building. On higher floors, the thickness of the steel plates that made up the columns decreased. Ten grades of steel were used for the columns and gussets, with yield strengths ranging from 36 ksi to 100 ksi.








The steel grade used at each location was determined by the calculated stresses due to gravity and wind loads. All outer columns and gussets were prefabricated into welded plates with three floors and three columns. The panels, each numbered to identify their position in the tower, were then bolted to adjacent units to form the walls. The use of identically shaped prefabricated elements was itself an innovation that enabled quick construction. The high level of modularization and prefabrication used in the construction of these buildings, as well as the identification, tracking and logistics required to ensure that each piece was correctly positioned was unprecedented.





Another large structural subsystem was the floors in the tenant rooms. These floors carried their own weight and load, they gave the outer walls lateral stability and distributed wind loads between the outer walls. The floor construction was an innovation for a tall building. As shown in the illustration, each floor consisted of 4-inch-thick, lightweight in-situ concrete on a corrugated steel deck, which ended “normally”. The plate was supported on a grid of light steel trusses. The top bends (or "ankles") of the main truss tracks are 3 inches and have been embedded in the concrete floor slab. This assembly of concrete and steel thus functioned as a composite unit, the concrete slab functioned as a unit with the steel beams in order to bear bending forces. The primary truss pairs were either 60 feet or 35 feet long and 6 feet apart. The floor trusses and corrugated metal deck were prefabricated into panels typically 20 feet wide, which were positioned in a manner similar to the outer wall elements. The lowest sections were connected to the gusset plates by means of devices. Experiments on movement perception carried out with humans had shown a high potential for discomfort for the residents when the building swayed in strong winds. When the tower was hit by strong winds, these dampers absorbed energy and reduced the sway and vibration expected from such a large building. The use of such vibration damping devices in buildings was an innovation at the time.

The history

On 02.26.1993 at 12:18 p.m. a bomb exploded in the basement of the World Trade Center (Fig. 1). Rauch moved to the 110-story twin towers. At first you thought a transformer would have blown up. The FBI, along with the New York City Bomb Control Department, took over the investigation. The bomb was in the parking deck in a van, the explosion had torn a 5-story crater (Fig. 2). The sad balance 6 dead including a pregnant woman. They were concerned about the statics of the Mariott World Trade Center Hotel above.


Damaged pillars of the parking deck had to be stabilized after the attack. The FBI was able to identify a car rental company from the chassis number of a bent part of a fender, which led to the assassins. They are said to have received chemical deliveries in a warehouse and there they then prepared the delivery truck. The bomb consisted of urea nitrate, which was mixed in a "workshop" of an apartment itself. The attackers were Afghan Mujahedin fighters, the motive for "hatred of America and Israel". They thought that the north tower of the WTC would fall on the south tower and both would fall over.

In fact, 6 people were involved. For the principal, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, who escaped to Pakistan and was only caught 2 years later, the sentence was 240 years in prison. As a reminder of the event, a memorial has been set up at the WTC Plaza (right). The Elyn Zimmermanns memorial to the victims of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was completely destroyed by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.



As of August 1997, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency was openly expecting a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and even issued a handbook. Why was this stop not prevented due to OFFICIAL warning, if this should not be done deliberately !?









The previous scapegoat: A secret service fantasy figure from the deep state of Osama Bin Laden


















Osama Bin Laden (photo) was an old acquaintance for America. The son of a rich contractor from Saudi Arabia was a party-goer in Sweden when he was young and loved cowboy films. He later became an important US business partner and a collaborator with the American intelligence agency CIA.

The Yougoslavia wars just constructed by this CIA in the 1990s took place with the participation of bin Laden's chess pieces. He smuggled his Muslim fighters into the war zone with new state passports issued by the CIA: "Bosnia-Herzegovina".

His older brother Salim helped the Ronald Reagan government transfer money to Nicaragua that came from secret and illegal arms deals with Iran (Iran Contra Affair).

All the "deals" were processed through the BCCI money laundering bank, which had a Pakistani owner and where the CIA also contributed financially. At that time, many tons of cocaine came illegally to the United States from Nicaragua. Osama's brother was an investor in the oil business with George Bush. He helped his son George W. financially. In 1988 he died under dubious circumstances in Texas in a plane crash. Osama was a reliable buyer of American stinger missiles and liked to produce himself as a war hero in front of his Islam brothers in the fight against the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan.

He later switched to the terrorist business and founded the "Al Qaida" (The Base) network with a branch in Sudan, in collaboration with the CIA. The 1993 bombing in the basement of the World Trades Center, with 6 deaths, went to a group of predecessors that bin Laden knew and was the "test of fire" for his later own terrorist organization. He knew all the perpetrators. Later, other attacks followed, with many deaths following the same pattern. US President Clinton said he could have killed Bin Laden in 1998 and did not. As of September 11, 2001, there is no clear evidence that Bin Laden was the sole culprit.

An attack with planes and perpetrators with carpet knives would also have been experimental and unusual for the Al Qaeda network. There are many indications that Bin Laden collaborated with the CIA and that his attackers on the aircraft were to be used as scapegoats, but did not actively control the entire terrorist process. Bin Laden is said to have been killed in a military operation by the Navy Seals in 2011. However, there are indications that he died in 2001 of an incurable kidney disease and was even treated in the American hospital in Dubai.

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington led to the creation of the illegal US prison camp in Quatanamo, Cuban, where injustice and torture reign and the illegally constructed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with an estimated 1 million deaths!

Bin Laden has betrayed his fellow believers with his America secret deals and brought a lot of suffering to the Islamic world through the wars.


Larry Silverstein, the speculator of death. A real estate criminal who made coal with the deaths of thousands of people.

Silverstein was a real estate shark in New York and an old acquaintance of the deep state. Since the 1950s he has been speculating with his company Silverstein Properties on real estate in New York. He sold the Columbia Pictures Building on Fifth Avenue in 1983 to Coca-Cola for $ 57.6 million with a 400 percent profit.

He then financed the construction of World Trade Center 7 (the command center of the Inside Job from 9/11) in March 1987 because, according to its fairytale claims, it never got to the "World Trade Center". The World Trade Center complex was nevertheless very familiar for years.

On July 24, 2001, he acquired the lease rights to the Twin Towers, World Trade Center No. 1/2. A 99-year lease cost $ 3.2 billion. Silverstein itself contributed a meager 15 million dollars, the main burden was borne by Westfield America, a shopping center operator based in Australia. Its owner Frank Lowy was a Jewish Slovake and belonged to a special group of Silverstein with the Republican politician Lewis Eisenberg, the Damil chairman of the port authority of New York and owner of the Twin Towers. Suspicious, because this in turn maintained close contact with the US President George W. Bush. It was the first time in the 33 year history of the Twin Towers that this building changed hands!

The new WTC owner Silverstein had a new security company Securacom (now Stratasec) commissioned to take over the complete electronics for the building. The same company was also responsible for electronics at Dulles International Airport Washington D.C. (Machine impact Pentagon) and the airline United Airline was responsible, suspicious!

New electronics were important for the preparation of the inside job, so there was a power cut in the WTC.

Gary Corbett (picture) a credible witness was a computer technician from a 97th-floor financial services provider from the south tower of the World Trade Center. He told an American television broadcaster of a strange power outage two days before the attack. Computer failure also resulted in a failure of the security system. People would have worked completely in the dark. Corbett is also a credible witness because he has always carried the ID card from the WTC with a key with him since the attack.


After the change of ownership to Silverstein

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center needed urgent renovation and improvement work. These cost around $ 200 million. Most of these concerned the removal and replacement of building materials that had been classified as hazardous to health in the years since the towers were built. The city of New York was aware that the WTC was an asbestos bomb. The port authority has treated the building like an aging dinosaur for years and has tried several times to get approval for the demolition of the building for liability reasons, but was rejected due to the known asbestos problem. In addition, it was known that the building was standing until September 11th only because it was too expensive to dismantle the twin towers one level at a time because the port authority was legally prohibited from demolishing the buildings.


Silverstein insured the towers against "terrorist attacks" a few weeks earlier for $ 3.6 billion, spreading this over 22 different insurance companies. A list of insurance companies: Travelers Indemnity Co., Industrial Risk Insurance, Royal Indemnity Co., Allianz Insurance Co., Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Twin City Fire Insurance Co., Tig Insurance Co., Westfield WTC LLC and Zurich American Insurance Co.
Silverstein only made a down payment of $ 124 million and was awarded a whopping $ 4.7 billion in court after a sophisticated complaint (towers were affected by two separate events, 2 different aircraft).

Silverstein had the unscrupulousness to enjoy a breakfast in the Windows of the World Restaurant on the morning of September 10, 2001 (picture) with the insider knowledge that the World Trade Center would not be standing about 24 hours later! Picture evidence Picture comes from this day in the morning (picture on the right), the weather was still nice, while during the day an Atlantic low-lying branch formed and brought rain over New York. On the morning of September 11th, of all places, Silverstein had an appointment with a dermatologist, advising his son and daughter "not to go to the World Trade Center" today.



After the terrorist attack owner of a filet open space in the best part of New York Silverstein commissioned famous architects to design spinning mills for a new building.

It could all have been good for the original WTC Donald Trump indirect owner





Steve Roth is a real estate entrepreneur like Trump, who are friends and business partners, even if they used to be bitter competitors in the New York real estate business. Both have a 2.1 million square meter office building at 1290 Sixth Avenue. Roth's company owns 70% of it, while Trump owns 30%. On February 23, 2001, Roth made the highest bid (unknown amount) for the World Trade Center with its Vornado Realty Trust and was awarded the contract. It is unknown whether a release notice has been entered in the land register to protect the future owner. Because suddenly the WTC went to the puppet of the deep state of Silverstein after Vornado jumped out, apparently with forged documents. With a co-owner Trump, the original WTC would still stand today.


Storm in New York on September 10, 2001- the initiation of the disaster





"Mountain full of state money disappeared "!?

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces in the United States Department of Defense the so-called "Pentagon" the sudden "disappearance" of $ 2.3 trillion. A group of civilian investigators in the Ministry of Defense were immediately set up to search for the whereabouts of the money. A terrorist attack was carried out on exactly this wing of the building a day later, two explosive charges were detonated (see picture) and the people there were killed and the computers with the data destroyed. The backup data was in WTC 7, which later also collapsed due to the terrorist attack in New York on September 11th at 5:21 pm in "free fall". Who believes in coincidences?

In reality the storm lasted until late at night, but in the narrative of the story this picture fits better the evening of September 10th 2001 the last evening before the bad attack.






The security structure at the World Trade Center:

From July 2001 the private security company Securacom was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center. Marvin Bush, the son of the American President George H. Bush, was on the board.

Securacom has already been responsible for the security of the World Trade Center. In October 1996, it received a $ 8.3 million security contract for the World Trade Center and received approximately $ 9.2 million from the WTC order from 1996 to 1998.

However, this only affected the security of the house electronics, because the police of the New York port authority continued to be responsible for the security of the people in the complex.

Since the first terrorist attacks in 1993, the World Trade Center has been viewed as a "nuclear facility". E-J Electric Installation Co., the country's oldest independent electrical contractor, received a $ 28 million order in 1996 to increase security at the World Trade Center. The Long Island City, NY-based contractor installed 2 million feet of fiber optic cable, hundreds of security cameras, access control, and 110 turnstiles, including system integration. The parking garage was also blocked after a terrorist drove a van into the underground garage in 1993 with a bomb.


David Lim (picture), a police officer from the port authority, was stationed at the WTC with his bomb-sniffing dog Sirius. The New York City Police Department suffered the greatest personal injury in law enforcement history at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. 37 officers of all ranks (superintendent to ordinary police officers) as well as the explosives search dog Sirius were killed in the attack.

Lim, a K-9 port officer, was in the south tower when American Flight 11 crashed into the north tower. He left his dog partner Sirius behind and ran to the 44th floor of the North Tower before going down after the second collision. He was on the fourth floor with six firemen escorting an older woman when the building collapsed. He told the state investigative commission: "There are only 14 people on earth who know what it's like to be in a 110-story building when it collapses."







WTC 9/11 hero dog Sirius was trained to sniff bombs. Since there were obviously tons of explosives in the building, he didn't want to go out, that was his death sentence.
A year earlier on September 11, 2000, US President Bill Clinton (left) visited the World Trade Center complex, striking and met the later hero dog Sirius!

John P. O'Neil (picture) - the man who knew too much about Bin Laden. A hero who probably wanted to prevent the attack with his presence. He was an FBI official and security chief of the World Trade Center. This Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 was his first working day. O'Neill's remains were found in the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 22, 2001. Interestingly, this O'Neill of all people had incredibly good knowledge of the deep state and the person of Osama Bin Laden. He helped a briefcase with secret information, including descriptions of every counterterrorism and counterintelligence program, disappear in New York in order to disrupt the plans beforehand, which made him a persona non grata within the FBI. Someone you would like to "turn off". Why O'Neil took up this position at the WTC, although he should actually have had knowledge of the preparations of the deep state, remains a mystery. Apparently, with his mere presence, he thought he could prevent this attack, which was not the case, and that makes him a hero!



The chronicle and beginning of a dramatic day

September 11, 2001 5:40 am In New York at the World Trade Center, a normal working day / location begins at Portland Airport





The alleged assassins Mohammed Atta and Abbulaziz al-Omari arrive at Portland Airport with a rental car (photo) of a 2001 NISSAN Altima Blue. According to the book: "Impossible Mission 9/11" by Oliver Janich, the two should have spent the two nights in a strip club. Investigators later wanted to have a "cigarette butt" (smoking Arabs?) In this car for criminal investigation. Theory: Anyone who has seen the TV series "Files X" often knows the mysterious "smoker". Was there such a dark figure in the Atta case, a liaison to the CIA, who was sitting in the car !?




Atta and al-Omari are said to have checked in at the US Airways counter at 5:43 a.m. at Portland Airport for a flight to Boston. The only pictures from a surveillance camera are here (picture 1).

This "check-in terminal" is strange tables and chairs, as well as a partition door with a glass pane like in a bank. Attas luggage was allegedly held back by the security control because the detector "knocked out" on the recordings (Fig. 2), but a larger bag can be clearly seen.

It looks like he didn't have to take it off and got through the security check. At 6:20 a.m., he is said to have taken Colgan Air Flight 5930 to Boston, in a smaller propeller plane.







The hacking group Dark Overlord announced in early 2019 that it would be in possession of secret documents about September 11th. It demands a large amount of money in bitcoins, and states that it wants to sell the documents to states or the media. Quote from the hacker group: "We will burn you down ... This whole situation will soon become a far greater tragedy for your survival. Make the right choice." RT America dared to try the equivalent of $ 12,000 in bitcoins, there was initial information. A security firm's documents from Boston Airport revealed a new witness. Now you can probably reconstruct the next step Attas and al-Omaris, transfer at Boston Logan Airport, where not much was known so far.

Security guard IHIZAN from Boston Logan International Airport Terminal B:




Hamid Ihizan was a black man from Morocco and immigrated to the United States in November 2000. He was not a member of a radical organization. He reported information to an FBI agent on September 14, 2001. He was on duty at Logan International Airport in Boston on September 11, 2001 at the American Airline check-in counter in Terminal B (pictured) and worked for a security company called "GLOBE", which was responsible for passenger control. Before that, he had worked at the Bertuccis restaurant in Boston. He was at the counter at 7:15 a.m., where the alleged assassins for Mohammed Atta are said to have checked in. Hamid said: "He had noticed nothing unusual, there wasn't much going on that morning." He and his employees did not have any incidents that would suggest a later terrorist attack. Security checks were normal!



So far "Official Theory" Boston, 7.31 am The automatic airport security warning system triggers three of the four helpers from Mohammed Atta. Nevertheless, all five Arabs can board American Airlines 11, a Boeing 767, unhindered. Only their checked baggage will be checked again separately. Without noticing anything.

New York, September 11, 2001, 6:33 a.m. in the morning: German sailor Reinhard Karger took this picture as the sun shines behind the twin towers on the morning of September 11, 2001.







At 8:40 a.m. last pictures of the intact Original World Trade Center, in the foreground a fire engine of the New York fire department: Engine 7 / Ladder 1.





Impact plane WTC north tower

World Trade Center North Tower location September 11, 2001 8:46 a.m. Impact of an airplane (picture).



The French brothers Gédéon and Jules Naudet shot a documentary about firefighters in New York that morning. They fiddled with the street to fix a gas leak. They happened to be the only ones that morning to film the machine's impact on the north tower of the Word Trade Center. The first thought was of a "terrible accident".






Joseph Pfeiffer (picture) was the New York fire chief of the Engine 7 / Ladder 1 / Battalion 1 unit in the Manhattan district. He had been with the fire brigade since 1981 and was gradually promoted. That morning, he accompanied French documentary filmmakers to a gas odor alarm at the intersection of Church Street and Lispenard Street. "It was routine and relatively easy to use," said Pfeiffer himself.

But everything changed from one second to the next. After the "accident", Pfeiffer's unit immediately went to the World Trade Center. Pfeifer was both the first chief to report the accident officially via radio and the first chief to arrive at the scene of the accident. "We suddenly fell into the darkness from a sunny, bright day," he told a television team when he retired in 2018.









The official state investigation report states American Airline Flight 11 Boeing 767-233ER, with outdated 1971 engines from General Electric CF6. You can see that the plane has red stripes on the side. Machine from WTC, however, completely silver metallic.





Strange flash of light before impact, (image) which can actually indicate the interaction of a military missile and excludes a standard passenger plane. Difficult reason for Boeing 737 flashes at WTC Nord Tower difficult. In my opinion, the most plausible reason. Electrostatic charge, aircraft negatively charged due to a strong external electrical field.





Airplane impact in WTC North 80-90% Probably! Image manipulation unlikely, no-planes theory also unlikely. Folding angle wants to fit! Explosion before - after also (picture). However, doubts Boeing 767 wingspan 47.60m-width WTC 63.50m! Flying object smaller model! No cruise misile! Impact of a Boeing 737 in WTC North most likely wingspan wants to fit with cover images, there was also a military variant, this leaves possibilities for preparations see flash of light!




NO impact of a Boeing 767-233ER FACT! (Image) Impact speed: 796km / h. First evidence 9/11 2004 investigation wrong! The mysterious first aircraft from WTC Nord was a Boeing 737 (picture). Appearance, wingspan everything fits. Engines were also more efficient. In the military variant, further modifications were possible.







Firefighter chief Pfeiffer (photo) arrived at the lobby of the WTC north tower a few minutes after 8:46 am and delegated his firefighters. When he entered the building he heard screams, apparently several people were on fire and were given emergency medical care.

The windows were cracked, it looked as if the plane had crashed into the entrance area of the World Trade Center.



People were constantly coming out of the stairwells to get to safety. The fire had destroyed elevator shafts, so the firefighters had to walk up to the scene of the accident.




Betty Ong the strange "flight attendant" of American Airlines 11

A key witness for American Airline Flight 11, the plane from the WTC North Tower Impact is the stewardess Betty Ong (picture). This was the first to report the alleged hijacking. Ong was a strange woman. She calmly told about the kidnapping and called American Airlines reservation agents in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. A conversation of approximately 25 minutes was recorded. During the call there were always strange breaks, first she spoke of being flight attendant No. 3 on flight 12, then voices in the background, then she answered No. 1. The operator checked her details and linked her to "American Airlines Flight 12", saying that she was "on Flight 11" now.


Apparently, her identity was not properly known or incorrectly assigned to American Airlines. Her statements were contradictory: "She could not get into the cockpit and believes she was kidnapped after the doors were open". The operator said the cockpit doors should be closed, which was then a requirement in air traffic control. "Someone was stabbed to death in business class," she said, there was a misappropriation of seat numbers and the conversation was sometimes interrupted. Why should you hang up on an emergency call? She also passed on the number of three hijackers, but it should have been 5! You can clearly hear the different sound quality of the recording, obviously the sound document was edited afterwards, but it was previously recorded. An FBI investigation, which is being kept secret, is said to be based on these findings.



Was Ong a CIA agent and smuggled into American Airline? According to official information, Betty Ann Ong was born on February 5, 1956 in San Francisco, California. So this woman claims to have been 45 on September 11th. In pictures she looked more like 25 to 30, but of course that is no good proof. Nor did she act like someone who had been in the country for a long time and was born there, but like a tourist (Photo 2). The day she reportedly learned to be a flight attendant at American Airline, she would have been happy. She was hailed as a heroine for her "calm" during the terrible events and a Betty Ong Foundation was established in her honor to collect donations for "obese children". However, it is very difficult to draw the connection with September 11th. I suspected Ong was a CIA agent who was smuggled into American Airline. Her whereabouts are unknown, it cannot be excluded that she was actually on board a machine that crashed into one of the two WTC towers, most likely a military machine!

There was no American Airline Flight 11 on September 11th!

The Department of Transportation's documents indicate that American Airline 11 could not be found at Logan Airport in Boston. The trace of an AA 11 with the registration N321AA can be found on September 10, 2001 in Los Angeles Airport (picture above). There was a large American Airline aircraft terminal. However, the registration number of American Airline 11, N334AA should be officially assigned. If we take note of Betty Ong's mistake (see above), this could have been the aircraft of American Airline Flight 12. On November 11, 2009, a flight 11 flight should depart from Los Angeles Airport at 7:45 a.m. Suddenly the license plate was set to "Unknown" and the departure time was set to 0:00. This plane was flown to Boston at night and in fog, but why was the license plate wrong and why should it be brought there as an "unknown"? According to my theory: The Bush Administration planned to assign this aircraft to 9/11, so it had to disappear, so it had to be brought to some hangar or terminal. I think to JfK Airport in New York where it crashed on November 12th see below.



Theory of America Airline 11, plane crash on November 12, 2001 at Rockaway Beach in Queens !?



According to official reports, an Airbus A300-605ER left JFK International Airport in New York on November 12, 2001. At take-off, the aircraft would have got into a wind suction and so-called "vortex towing" of a Boeing 747 just launched and the copilot would have reacted completely wrongly with violent full deflections of the rudder in both directions and the aircraft would have crashed into the suburb of Queens, a suburb of New York, because the overuse of the fuselage would have broken off the engine.

The tail fin found later in the bay showed no particular deformation effects and does not fit an Airbus, but a Boeing 767-233ER. Tail fin gray would fit (picture), the machine that is said to have crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. The tail fin of the alleged crash machine Airbus A300-605R should be white. Was the accident machine from November 12, 2001 manipulated and crashed to cover up traces?


Flammable material in the WTC North Tower on the 91st floor

Preparation North Tower World Trade Center. Flammable liquid on WHOLE floor 63.50m horizontally on the right side 91 floor (Fig. 1/2).

Electrostatic charge can ignite flammable substances. Art campaign with explosion material Gelignite in the north tower 91st floor!


Impact WTC south tower

World Trade Center South Tower location September 11, 2001 9:03 a.m. Impact of a second plane:




Now it gets complicated, the images are not so clear anymore. According to the official presentation United Airlines Flight 175 (picture), a Boeing 767-222, took off from Boston Logan International Airport at 8:14 a.m. and with destination Los Angeles crashed into the South Tower according to the official presentation.

The impact of the second plane was well documented because practically the whole world was "on air" after the impact in the north tower. There were 18 amateur recordings from various angles and recordings from the major American television stations CNN, NBC and Fox. However, the machine was not clearly visible on any of the pictures.



The larger and more violent explosion after impact, with chipping from the WTC, suggests a correspondingly more massive machine, a 767 (picture). The machine almost missed the tower, which was extremely inclined and struck between the 77th and 85th floor.




Part of the engine fell onto the road, chipping glass from the building (picture). A lot of paper, chairs, computers and tables fell out of the building. Kerosene ignited in a huge fireball, a loud explosion was heard.

PICTURE EVIDENCE Preparation WTC South Tower

A form of electrical charging was also used in the south tower, exactly at the entry level of the aircraft wing. Flashes of light in the building before the explosion are very noticeable. Even after the explosion, "sparkling" particles fall out of the building, this has nothing to do with the plane, separate effect. What was done remains in the dark, it is only important that this enabled steel penetration.

Investigation plane WTC south tower

The aircraft cannot be clearly identified in any of the pictures. Only position lights that unmask the "No Planes" theory as utter nonsense. There is a schematic picture that could show an American Airline logo (Image 1). But there are also recordings that reveal a military machine, a KC 767 (picture center / right). There are also various eyewitnesses, including firefighters, who want to have seen a black and silver machine without a logo on the second impact.

I tend to assume that the image (picture 1) was manipulated and that it was actually a military machine. Logo could have been inserted afterwards, or just a light reflection through clouds in front of the sun. American Airline logo really not clearly recognizable. Flight behavior of the wrapping machine suggests special military modifications.

Another picture proof 2004 investigation wrong! Military Boeing K767- the machine of impact in south tower most likely. (Image) Processing: Airplane completely silver gray. United Airline Blue fuselage underside. There is several evidence to support K767.



Rubble landfill: You still have to note that a rubble part found on the Fresh Kills Landfill landfill in Staten Island New York speaks for a Boeing 767-222. This part can also have been brought there afterwards.




Engine plane south tower

The engine part that flew through the building of the South Tower on a street corner in New York (picture), with high probability a Rolls Royce RB211-524G / H-T high thrust not installed in Boeing 767 as standard! Type Rolls Royce screw connection (marking). There is also the theory that the engine is a Pratt & Whitney JT9D, but this is again used as standard in a Boeing 747 and not in a 767.



Impact south tower: In any case, a Boeing 767 can be assumed here, when entering the building there is this static charge again, which must have been important to penetrate the aluminum skin of the aircraft through the steel outer skin (picture).




Electromagnetism at the WTC!?

The riddle of the flashes of light when the aircraft entered might be solved. There is picture evidence of strong electric / magnetic field at the World Trade Center. Particles sparkle from high levels of radiation (Fig. 1). So it was probably possible that aluminum could penetrate steel.

Starting from the transmitter at WTC 7 possible: World Trade Center was heated up and planes could slide like "hot knife through butter". Radiant particles no sun reflection, sun on the opposite side of the building, background in the shade see (picture 2).






Steel penetration of the aluminum aircraft by heat detectors possible

Picture evidence: Most likely industrial heat detectors with cables from Securacom from the North Tower WTC (picture).

As an explanation for flash of light when entering the first plane (picture above). Installed modules installed on the window side to energize buildings, high probability. Window cleaning device unlikely cable hanging from the building through broken window. Proof window cleaning device looks different! (Picture above right)!

An industrial heat detector (picture below left).




People in the burning trap at the World Trade Center

The people above the burning floors were trapped (picture). They smashed windows and tried to draw attention to themselves. Numerous emergency calls were received. The despair of the people grew from minute to minute more and more stood at broken windows and signaled with white shirts that help was needed.




Explosions in the building: Witnesses who were able to escape from the building spoke of hearing loud explosion noises, firefighters also confirmed this. This image evidence shows a person who was apparently "thrown" out of the building with a shock wave due to a strong detonation effect.


Jump into death from the World Trade Center

At the World Trade Center Hotel, people flew into the entrance hall.


Approximately 200 people jumped from the burning towers to their deaths! They didn't want to burn and chose suicide by jumping.

The beautiful World Trade Center Plaza with the Sphere Statue by Fritz König turned blood red due to the large number of people hitting the pavement.
The plaza 24 hours earlier on September 10, 2001, a stage was set up. A festival with various music groups had been celebrated in the weeks before (left picture), nothing indicates a massacre at this location. But on the day of the terrorist attack (picture on the right).

That was the World Trade Center Plaza before the terrorist attack with the sculpture "Sphere" by the German sculptor Fritz König (1924-2017). This Skulpur survived the terrorist attack and is now in Battery Park, New York.







Fire at the World Trade Center

The towers withstood 57 minutes between the two plane strikes and were on fire.



The collapse of the WTC

At 9:59 a.m. the south tower of the World Trade Center collapsed at 10:28 a.m. the north tower. During the process, horizontal discharges of debris and dust were observed. 47 gigantic steel girders - each with a ten centimeter wall was simply melted together. A plane weighing approximately 100 tons allegedly brought down a tower weighing 200,000 tons.

Noticeably just before the south tower collapsed, a police helicopter moved away (picture). Even a helicopter took off calmly on a meadow a few blocks further down in Lower Manhattan with a single pilot, who was obviously not there for rescue but for observation. Camera at the bottom. Collapse of the south tower earlier, because the plane crashed violently, or controlled demolition, because firefighters asked Bucca and Palmer for help and recovery of the injured, both theories are possible.

Cloud of smoke spread over half the city of New York (picture). There was no longer a monument to human history and the symbol of the city of New York! The Americans called this place "Ground Zero" after the explosion of an atomic bomb.

Blowing up the WTC!?

Terraced, suspended floors had allegedly given way one after the other, so WTC would have fallen and collapsed. Nonsense there is picture evidence of explosions of explosive charges to see ignition process (picture left / right), which can also be heard on video recordings. Many witnesses confirmed explosions. One of them, Tom Canaban, was stopped and led away by two FBI agents in front of the camera.

Seven floors underground, one month after the catastrophe, extremely hot puddles of molten steel were found during the clean-up work. The theory that the building was extremely heated would be confirmed. An explosives expert, Mark Loizeaux, said: "If I blew up the World Trade Center, I would have done it with explosive charges in the basement, which explains why the North Tower television antenna buckled when it collapsed." Seismographs recorded a tremendous rash, 400 times stronger. Such short extreme movements of the seismographs are characteristic of underground explosions with very high explosive power. Columns of the WTC on individual floors bearing evidence from the picture were previously blown out one after the other (picture on the right). Firefighters and many witnesses within the WTC spoke of loud explosion noises.

"Collapse" of the WTC south tower!?

The south tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m. 56 minutes after the suspected flight UA 175 hit. Supposedly burning kerosene from the engines would have melted steel column and concrete floors, and the building's load-bearing capacity was no longer possible. Humbug! Journalist Oliver Janich describes in his book: Impossible Mission 9/11 that there was an investigation of the building back in 1984. The Office of Special Planning localized all weak points in a 6-month investigation. This must have served as a template for placing explosive charges on different floors. Photo evidence: All visible explosive flashes from the floors of the WTC South Tower!

Shortly before 9:52 a.m., molten metal from the South Tower WTC 2 began to run near the northeast corner on the 80th floor. The flow continued with increasing intensity until the collapse at 9:59 a.m. Photo evidence: All visible "detonating flashes" nanotherm reactions from the floors of the WTC South Tower!

White flashes before collapse at the World Trade Center (pictures) provide evidence of a nanotherm reaction. Temperature in the reaction area above 2700 ° C. When sulfur is added to the thermite, it melts the steel. WTC steel has not been tested for explosives or thermite residues by governmental NIST.

"Collapse" of the WTC North!

The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed at 10:28 a.m. 102 minutes after an airplane crashed. Here also picture evidence for possible targeted demolition of the building. Image 1 a blast of ignition and an explosion inside the building. Smaller explosion with oxygen leakage from the building in Fig. 2/3.

Ground Zero

It was pitch dark in Manhattan, even though it was a wonderful sunny day (picture on the left). Rescue workers needed flashlights and were guided by the lights of the ambulance (middle picture). The sun could only be seen through a thick veil of noise (picture on the right).

Here a famous photo was taken of a survivor from the World Trade Center who was covered with dust. The then 28 year old Marcy Borders (picture below) she worked for the Bank of America in the North Tower. Marcy never remembered how this picture was taken, that day she ran 16km confused and home alone. She was massively traumatized because of the event and became addicted to alcohol and drugs. She couldn't go back to the scene for 10 years. In 2015 she succumbed to stomach cancer. Nearby a film of a second unknown witness was made (picture on the right).

It looked apocalyptic like a nuclear winter. The rescue workers worked their way towards Ground Zero, the location of the former World Trade Center (picture on the left). The sight was a total shock, massive steel parts lay around, the once mighty twin towers were a single pile of rubble (middle picture). But there was no time for mourning to put out fires and clear cars with excavators so that victims could be looked for. Some firefighters checked the surrounding skyscrapers to see if there was a risk of collapse. Telephone systems were also checked. A sad find was made here at the site of the former WTC, the teddy of a child "killed by a steel pillar" (picture on the right).

The work was absolutely dangerous to health. The dust cloud was interspersed with asbestos and highly toxic. 5000 New Yorkers have been diagnosed with cancer since the attacks. High concentrations of asbestos were used in the WTC as fire protection. Cancer cases can often occur much later. A wave of cancer cases can still be expected in the next few years. The New Yorkers may have to suffer decades from the consequences of this day.



Cleanup work on Ground Zero

Heavy-duty cranes were on site about an hour later (picture left). Even extremely high. Everything seemed prepared. Working at night and under floodlights, everything seemed to have to be done very quickly. Debris and steel parts should be removed as quickly as possible without first investigating them for explosives. At the port loading ships and loads of clearing trucks, all in the middle of the night (picture on the right).

Shipping of the steel parts of the World Trade Center during the day. Obviously under constant control of a police boat (picture on the right). For example, over 50,000 tons of broken steel beams were sold as scrap metal in Shanghai alone. The Newark waste management company from Newark earned $ 2.5 million. Several American newspapers report it as "destruction of evidence".

Investigation of debris dust

Nuclear physicist Professor Steven Jones from Brigham Young University in Utah examined the dust he received from "collectors" of Ground Zero as a sample. The samples came from residents of the former WTC, who, with a sworn statement, even allowed their names and locations to be given. The samples examined by Professor Jones came from the end of Brooklyn Bridge, Apartmenthouse 16 Hudson Street and corner of Reed Street and Hudson Street and were collected 10 minutes after the attack until midday on September 12, 2001. No cleaning work could falsify the result, since it did not start when the picture was taken. Results of the investigation: Remains of the military explosive nanothermite found. Professor Jones was now naturally considered a "conspiracy theorist" and was retired.


The attack on the Pentagon

Department of Defense U.S. Department of Defense Washington D.C. September 11, 2001 9:37 am Third "plane" crashes into the building:

American / United Air Line Flight 77 a Boeing 757-223ER was also delayed, with a delay of 10 minutes. From Washington Dulles International Airport it should go to Los Angeles. The airport was only 41 km away from the capital, the target of the "assassins", but alleged kidnapping took place only 75 minutes later. Flight curve strange like a remote controlled object.

Exactly 50 minutes after impact in WTC North and 30 minutes after impact in WTC South, impact of an "airplane" in a side wing of the American Department of Defense (Pentagon). Evidence of official theory, still images of a surveillance camera in the parking lot - extremely poor quality.

However, the enlargement of the pictures makes the impact of a cruise misile appear realistic (picture 1). The object flies close to the surface, has no windows, is completely white and has no wings. Impact directly next to a helicopter loading area, this could have served as a navigation aid.



It wasn't until 2017 that the Pentagon presented a wreckage (Figure 2), which is to prove the impact of an airplane! Apparently in response to the many "conspiracy theories" on the Internet. I am sure that this is part of American / United Airline 11 (light silver, stronger red logo below)! But this is said to have crashed into WTC North! If my theory is correct, this is part of an airplane that crashed over Queens on November 12, 2001. The government had found remains of this aircraft in the depot. Since we do not know the date of the picture, they and this could now have been hailed by the "Pentagon".

No American Airline Flight 77 on September 11th!

Similar to the American Airline 11 flight, there are also difficulties with the American Airline Flight 77 described here. According to the US Department of Transportation, an AA 77 with license plate N632AA should reach Los Angeles Airport at 8:10 on September 10th (image). Then the license plate was reset to "Unknown" and the departure time to 0:00. After my extensive research, this aircraft was flown from Los Angeles to Seattle on September 11, departure time also at 8:10 a.m.


Flight 77 theory

There was no kidnapping! This aircraft was diverted and landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport (image). There was a large hub for American / United Airline aircraft and the closest to the crash site. Due to the large gate with 10/11 machines next to each other perfect to hide it would not have attracted attention. The downed plane was United Airlines flight 175, which is said to have crashed into the south tower of the WTC. Since the complete radar control of the USA was switched off on that day and also the transponder signals of the aircraft, this cannot be ruled out!




Mysterious night flight on September 11th

A Boeing 757 (like the Pentagon aircraft) was in the air during the five days of completely blocking the airspace after the terrorist attacks. According to FAA / BTS flight No. 0110, a Boeing 757-2B7 left US Airways Terminal from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on September 11, 2001. Departure time was 10:43 p.m., the destination was Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. During the nationwide shutdown, this airliner went up in the air. That falls on quote from the source: "Like a cockroach on the wedding cake"!

The fourth plane!?

The scene in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, crashes on a fourth plane, September 11, 2001:

Perhaps the biggest mystery of September 11th. American / United Airlines flight 93 crash over Shanksville Pennsylvania. Also with a delay of 42 minutes, this is noticeable on all four allegedly hijacked aircraft. With the best flight weather, it should go from Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco International Airport.



A wide-body aircraft, a 757-200 Boeing, designed for 182 people, is said to have been on board with 44 people. The "4 assassins" allegedly wanted to fly to the capitol or white house. Here it is obviously very easy to fall into the "conspiracy theorists" trap. According to official reports, passengers fought with assassins after hearing that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.




The size of the crash site and the complete absence of debris make it seem unlikely that an entire aircraft would have crashed there (Photo 2). The crash site looks like a large amount of kerosene had been detonated in a fireball. This suggests that only one engine has crashed and nothing else. A large cloud of smoke was visible nearby (picture 3).

This suggests that the aircraft could have been shot down at high altitude and collapsed completely. Engine (Fig. 4) was found a few meters deep, which also speaks for the size and height of the crash.


Debris has been found scattered far away to Indian Lake and Somerset County, which means a distance of approximately 8 km from Shanksville. As I said, speaks for a fall from a great height. The black box also claims to have been found there, even the official investigation report admits. It looked irreparably damaged, as if it had been affected by an explosion.



The alleged remains of United Airline Flight 93 found in Sommerset County in a Pennsylvania nature reserve. That an American Airline Boeing was crashed or shot down is absolutely undisputed!





Piece of Debris


Location September 11, 2001 5:20 p.m. New York Manhattan Greenwich Street 250, collapse of the building Word Trade Center No. 7



WTC7 was a mysterious building. Although it was one street away, it was part of the World Trade Center complex. Here is a view of the building from the south tower (picture on the left). It was built in 1984-1987 in a modern style with many glass surfaces and had a height of 186m, with 47 floors 32 lifts and a usable area of 200,000 square meters. It looked like the government building of the World Trade Center due to the accumulation of state tenants.



Here is a list of tenants, so you have to classify this building as state and government: Offices of the US Secret Service 9 / 10th floor, Central Intelligence Agency 25th floor and the US Department of Defense 25th floor. So also some other rather insignificant government representations of the tax authority, stock exchange regulator and the anti-professional discrimination authority.

Assuming that 9/11 was an inside job, WTC 7 could have served as a command center, or it must have been. Take note of the transmitter on the roof (see picture above). According to tenant lists, only investment companies are said to have stayed above, but the station is clearly military. What is also interesting is the combination of a representation from the US Department of Defense and the Secret Service. Two relevant authorities for the coordination and organization of this "terror project" were fittingly both on the 25th floor.

According to the official report, after the collapse of WTC 1/2, burning parts would have fallen to WTC 7 and therefore the building itself would have collapsed at 5:20 p.m. and in free fall would have suddenly collapsed in less than 2 seconds.




The WTC 7 burned is undisputed, but only the lower parts of the floor seemed to have been affected (picture left / middle). Funnily enough, it can be assumed that only the government floor was on fire (25). The keyword here is the destruction of evidence.



According to the official investigation by the state NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in 2008, parts of the building were on fire, as I said, it is undisputed. Only the conclusion that the statics of the building would have been attacked to such an extent and that it was brought to collapse can be more than doubted.


Obviously, WTC 7 was not classified as collapse by firefighters either, because some camera teams went in and took pictures of the lobby (picture left / right).


A strangely masked policeman in explosive gear outfitted the camera team. "Police Secret Service" (middle picture) was on his jacket.



It is striking that the state is making great efforts to provide the public with a plausible reason for this building, because a relatively "complex investigation" has been ordered. Expensive computer simulations were also created to confirm the theory of NIST. Noticeably just before the building collapses, some windows break one after the other, like after an ignition has been initiated that generates pressure waves in the building. Further windows break during the collapse process, obviously all supporting columns were blown away from every floor to ensure a vertical collapse.

The Swiss historian and peace researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser is a true expert with WTC 7. He asked Swiss professors for structural engineering, who, because of the American type of steel fencing, think that it is absolutely unlikely that a building of this kind could collapse vertically at such a rapid rate after a fire. Image evidence for pressure waves caused the windows to burst one after the other (image left / right).

In the official state investigation report from 2004, WT7 was "forgotten" for the time being. It was thought that no one would notice it in the general chaos of events. Dr. Ganser said: "We have a problem 3 buildings collapse, but there were only two planes". An important detail for structural engineers, which indicates a demolition that part of the roof structures sags first (Fig. 1), similar to the television antenna on the WTC north tower. The building then stands still for a moment and the rest of the ignition chain is started (Fig. 2). For New Yorkers, who were already badly hit that day anyway, the collapse of a very tall building means the spread of a large, toxic cloud of dust (Fig. 5) that spread over the entire city. Here is another angle with the broken windows (picture 6) and picture evidence of smoke from several floors in the event of a collapse, plus evidence of visible explosive lightning bolts (picture 7). The collapse came completely unprepared for the people. Here while a reporter talks to a witness with a baby (Photo 8). It is not known whether the remains of WTC 7 have been investigated by forensic technology. Most likely, however, the same procedure as for WTC 1/2, quick removal from the crime scene (Figure 9). WTC owner Silverstein himself spoke of wanting to "blow up" the building, but was later officially dismissed as a "misunderstanding".

Far too small amount of debris at WTC 7 suspect 7! For a 200m high building after collapse "because of a fire" far too little rubble. The mountain is compressed using the quick rust method to blur traces. You shouldn't be able to get the backup data for the missing $ 2.3 trillion from the Department of Defense (Pentagon) that was there on computer hard drives.


Radiation transmitter at WTC 7!? There was a radiation transmitter at WTC 7 to control airplanes and generate an electromagnetic field, which made it possible for airplanes with aluminum skin to crash into the building. Were the military machines remotely controlled? A transmitter-like system on the roof of WTC7 (picture) was shown.





US Air Defense failure

September 11th was a total failure of the military superpower USA. NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command was responsible for the defense of the airspace (logo on the left). Particularly affected on September 11th, the subdivision for the eastern part of the USA, the EADS Eastern Air Defense Sector (logo on the right).

The government agency is supposed to monitor and protect American airspace and, in the event of danger, use F-16 combat bombers to "take any target straight from the sky." And even if the target is an ICBM.

War Games

The strangest thing in advance, of all things, on September 11, 2001, 4 combat exercises so-called "war games" took place in parallel, which distracted NORAD from "real life". The exercise "Northern Vigilance" began at 6:30 a.m. and used fighter planes at locations in Alaska and Northern Canada. To simulate a kidnapping situation including terrorist pilots. Interestingly, that's exactly what happened in "real life" that day. In addition, there are said to be two large radar holes on the edge, which appropriately extend to Canada. So a way to move military aircraft unseen, or passenger planes. Fittingly, the transponder codes of the hijacked machines (the location of the aircraft on the radar screen) were placed on the edge of a radar hole. That was from all hijacked American Airline 11, 77, 93 and 175 aircraft. Were these aircraft moved to Radarnirvana and then military aircraft brought to the terror zone instead?

The other war games like "Vigilant Guardian" (picture) were said to have only taken place on the computer with simulations, but were also planned between September 10th and 13th, 2001. The entire military radar location was turned off for this, on the day of the worst terrorist attack in history on American soil! You don't believe in coincidences, this is too obvious. So Osama Bin Laden would have hit the HYPER jackpot of the century with a super number and outsmarted the military superpower USA with the cheapest means!






How NORAD / EADS reacted on September 11th

Explanation EADS (Eastern Air Defense Sector) is a division of NORAD and is responsible for the eastern part of the United States. According to the emergency protocol, interceptors (F-16 fighter jets) must be ready for takeoff and airborne in 8 minutes in an emergency (Airbone). In the case of the "machine" that crashed into the Pentagon, they started from Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. 20 of these hunters are always ready to start within a base, practice twice a week. So routine!



At 8:25 a.m., according to the NORAD protocol, the American air traffic control agency FAA informed that "American Airline 11" flight had been hijacked. A standard procedure that has been common for decades from the Cold War. On the American television station NBC, it was said that in the command center (picture 2) on Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, the kidnapping was only known at 8:40 a.m.

Until an aircraft crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 a.m., the machines would have been in the air at 8:32 a.m. Time to intercept "American Airline11".



The second machine is kidnapped at 8:42 a.m., this time NORAD already knew about it within a minute! NORAD now knows about 2 hijacked machines.

Now the position is changed according to NORAD and the battle stations are in "scrabble" state. You would have to get in touch with a "different base in Massachusetts".

NORAD / EADS "Command" Robert Marr "should ask his superiors". At 8:46 a.m. finally release for alarm start! Record time within 6 minutes instead of 8 minutes.

From the Otis Air National Guard Base in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, the F-16 fighter jets could have reached New York City in about 30 minutes at full speed of 568 mph. So at the latest the impact of the second machine in the south tower would have been prevented! According to the official report, the Otis fighter jets only took off at 8:52 a.m. after allegedly wanting to know about a kidnapping at "8:38 a.m." The pilots were also sent to the open sea without a specific destination, about 150 km away from the World Trade Center because it was "too dangerous to fly to New York".


At 9:03 a.m. the second plane hits the South Tower, but the interceptors did not reach New York City until 9:25 a.m. due to contradicting wrong orders.

American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked at 8:51 a.m. From 9:09 a.m. a lot of phone calls about alleged hijackings came to NORAD, the reason the simulated war games continued. At 9:24 a.m. NORAD allegedly had been informed about flight 77. This "alleged plane" then crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. Marr did not let the interceptors from Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia rise until 9:30 a.m. Distance to Washington DC 178 miles, for a jet fighter at full speed a few minutes. The reason given for the delay was that they wanted to clarify whether "three interceptors" could not be blown up. This time the hunters only reached Washington at 9:58 a.m. because this time they were only sent to the open sea.

The most mysterious thing is NORAD's behavior on the "Ghost Machine" Flight 93, the supposedly fourth hijacked plane that crashed over Shanksville, Pennsylvania. NORAD claims to have known about the kidnapping at 9:16 a.m., but is said to have been kidnapped at 9:28 a.m. The time was later "corrected" at 9:36 a.m. Interesting to know, because of the NORAD orders at least 4 to 5 fighter jets were in operation in American airspace at the same time, important to know for the theory of the shooting down of "American Airline 93". We remember the pilots' order to "take hijacked planes from the sky"!

Responsible for the incredible failure of NORAD on September 11th, 2001

General Larry Arnold (pictured) former 1st Air Force commander, Tyndall AFB, Florida. He was the supreme commander of the NORAD air defense forces and responsible for the behavior of his subordinates, like EADS commander Robert Marr. Telephone calls that he made with Marr and Vice President Cheney are still under wraps. The static and slow execution of the rules, the wrong orders and the too long keeping of the interceptors by omission enabled the mass murder on September 11, 2001. Its role on this day has not yet been cleared up by a proper judicial investigation. A military court might also be responsible for him. In 2002 he was quickly retired.

Aviation Authority Failure

US airspace is monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is the federal aviation authority of the United States and is an administrative part of the U.S. Department of Transportation located in Washington, D.C.

This authority also made a catastrophic failure on the day of the terror. Since she was demonstrably diverting aircraft to create a free corridor for the hijacked machines. And she made the fighter pilots not to fly immediately by radio messages.

How the FAA reacted on September 11th

Legend has it that the transponders that were switched off would no longer be able to locate the hijacked aircraft. If the transponder signal is switched off incorrectly, the radar location switches on automatically. The flying object remained visible on the screen, but without the license plate.

In the command center in Herndon, Virginia (picture), the FAA received a call to an air traffic controller in Boston at 8:25 a.m. and knowledge of the hijacking of the plane: "American Airline Flight 11".

FAA employee Daniel Bueno is said to have called directly at Otis Air Force Base at 8:28 a.m. in order to get interceptors into the air as quickly as possible. Nothing happened. According to the handbook, the FAA had the authority to ask for military support directly.









At 8:42 a.m., the FAA almost watched American Airline Flight 11 and the second hijacked United Airline Flight 175 machine collide in the air (image).

At 8:47 a.m., the FAA registered a remarkable thing on the radar screen: American 11 disappears (presumably a part of WTC North) and Flight 175 changes the transponder code at the same time. Was a remote control program activated there?

At 8:50 a.m., the FAA held a conference call to all of the authorities, including the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. The FAA registered strange flight movements of the hijacked machines, they flew loops and went to the edge of the radar holes. United Airline 93 and United Airline 175 flights also crossed.

At 8:56 a.m. Flight 77 disappeared from the radar screen at 9:05 a.m. it suddenly reappeared elsewhere.

At 9:30 a.m., the FAA issued a radio message to the pilots of the interceptors: "Hold back the airspace would be too full".



Complete blockage of the airspace

Although it was ultimately completely unnecessary, the FAA decided on September 11th to block the entire airspace for 5 days for the first time in US history. All airplanes in the air had to fly to the nearest airport and land. A spectacle for the public!

Backdoors in the FAA software: The American author Michael Ruppert researched years later about the FAA and what software they would use for airspace surveillance. The result was that the Ptech software had backdoors, so that they could be controlled and manipulated by external government agencies. NORAD, the military air defense agency, would have had the opportunity to put the FAA on the screens with false radar data Complex researched died oddly.





Operation Northwoods

The CIA developed a plan in the 1960s to prepare for a US invasion of Cuba. Staged terrorist attacks with airplanes should be used for this. The plan should work as follows: Passenger planes should be replaced with identical military aircraft that were empty. These military aircraft should be able to be controlled remotely. The passengers from the regular planes should be evacuated to a military base. The remote-controlled military machines should then be directed to predetermined targets and brought to a targeted crash. Fittingly, one should first make recordings that speak of Castro's perpetration, that is to say calls for help. President Kennedy rejected this plan on March 13, 1962. This is said to have been his "death sentence". After more than thirty years of confidentiality, this plan was made public in 1997/98 by the Freedom of Information Act. Was this operation implemented with slight changes on September 11, 2001 in reality by the US government and the military !?

Insider knowledge exchange

In the days leading up to the terrorist attacks, there were massive short sales (bets on falling stock prices) on United Airline and American Airline shares. Someone knew the courses would fall due to the terrorist attacks by these airlines and made a fortune. Osama Bin Laden was already very rich before the attacks, and he would not have been interested in it. Unknown buyers made $ 16 million from this inside knowledge. The names are still kept secret by the American stock exchange regulator.



The heroes of the World Trade Center

The US Department of Justice kept radio communications under lock and key, confirming that firemen Ronald P. Bucca (pic 1) and Orio Jospeh Palmer (pic 2) reached the 78th floor of the south tower. They testified that there were two fires up there that could be brought under control and that there were many injuries that had to be rescued immediately.


They would also have seen many deaths. Neither thought that the building could collapse; they requested two fire trucks! After this radio message, the building stood only a few minutes. These two heroes were among the 343 dead firefighters after the World Trade Center collapse. Because of their good fitness, Bucca was in the military, they could reach the upper floors. An elevator that was still functional brought the firemen to the 41st floor. The remaining floors with the 22 kg equipment went up the stairwell.

Four firefighters from the FDNY Ladder 15 units called died in the elevator while the south tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m.

After a written standstill agreement, the bereaved were played the tape on August 2nd, 2002.

Why was this radio message kept secret by the government, were the statements by the firefighters too sensitive because they were going to take an inside job?

Many firefighters (picture) tried to get to the sources of the fire through the narrow stairwell in the towers, during which people were evacuated. Firefighters reported having heard explosions of bombs in the building.



The survivor from the WTC: Stanley Praimnath (picture) was an employee of Fuji Bank on the 81 floor of the south tower, he was one of the few in the building to see the plane crash. "The burning wing of the plane hit about 6 meters from my office door," he said. He took himself to safety under his desk. With the decision to go through the burning staircase and not to wait on the roof for the evacuation, he saved his life for himself.


The savior from hell: Insurance clerk Donna Spera (picture) said she had experienced "hell". It was rescued from the 78th floor of the South Tower by US Marshal Dominic Guadagnoli. They became friends after the event and made regular phone calls. Donna was deeply reproached for surviving as a childless woman and many of her colleagues were not mothers. About the photo of September 11th, Donna said that it "spoke words". Dominic found his rescue normal: "A point for the good guys".


The faithful window cleaner: Rocco Camaj (picture) was the window cleaner of the World Trade Center and was always at work, regardless of the wind and cold weather. 12-14 hours a day. He had immigrated to the United States from former Yugoslavia. In 1993 he had already experienced the bombing in the basement, where he had almost no breath for 3 hours. He loved the view on good days he could see as far as Connecticut and the sunrises he saw from above at the WTC. On September 11th he was trapped on the 105th floor in the south tower with 300 others and had no chance of surviving the assassination attempt.

The photo made her famous and became her curse: Rachel Uchitel (photo) was 26 on September 11 and mourned the then 32-year-old Andy O'Grady for her fiance. He was a banker at Sandler O'Neill & Partners on the 104th floor of the WTC South Tower. He would have given her stability and security. This photo made her famous in America overnight, she searched in vain for Andy and joined the queue of all hospitals. She became a presenter and slipped more and more into the glamor and nightclub world. She became an It girl plunged into drugs and countless affairs. Among others with golf star Tiger Woods. After the attacks, she would never have become the person of the past, she said, and needed psychological help to deal with the trauma.






Melissa's telephone call for help from the WTC: Melissa Doi (picture) was a business woman from the WTC. A very emotional phone call was recorded by her. In the beginning she said: "Call my grandmother God". She reports to the emergency call that there is an incredible heat of smoke and that she can no longer see anything. She reported that with 5 people she was trapped on the 83rd floor of the South Tower, the lights were on and she still couldn't see anything and she couldn't breathe. On the day when fate had to deal with an extremely stupid and insensitive operator on the other end of the line: From "good day" to "stay calm", "wait a second" and "think positive" Even when Melissa told her she was going to die, everything was there. Melissa screamed loudly for help when she thought she was alone on the phone. She still wanted to be connected to her mother, but this did not work. All you could do was get her message across; "That she loved her mother very much and that she would be the best in the world". She reached the stairwell but was unable to leave the building. Only 3 years later after the collapse of the south tower, her remains were identified.



Relics testify to this once so beautiful monument of modern human history, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. They were found after the buildings collapsed and document sovereigns, keys, a firefighter's shoe and children's toys.

World Trade Center Cemetery





After the terrorist attacks, the Fresh Kills Landfill landfill in Staten Island new York became a place for storing and processing the remains of the World Trade Center. In the following months, 1.62 million tons of rubble were transported to the landfill, where it was searched for the remains of the victims of the building collapse. There were dozens of completely deformed vehicles from the New York fire department, the police and ambulances. A depressing sight. After the investigation, part of the remains of the World Trade Center were buried on the site.

World Trade Center art

What has been little explored due to the immense human suffering, how little art was lost on September 11th. Important works by Pablo Picasso or Auguste Rodin. The value of the artworks is estimated at over $ 100 million.

An original Rodin in the junkyard (picture on the left). The American sculptor Michael Richards (center) died in the World Trade Center. He had his studio on the 92nd floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Richards was working on a project about black pilots in World War II. Some of his figures have been saved and are now in the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The most famous work of art that stood up to 9/11 (picture on the right) was the Sphere sculpture by Fritz König from the WTC Plaza. König traveled to New York on October 11, 2001, at the age of 78, to say goodbye to the "piece of garbage". Not with the New Yorkers, they wanted to keep the sculpture as a national symbol and so the ball is now dented and deformed in Battery Park.

Windows on the World Restaurant

In the north tower on the 107th floor was the Windows on the World Restaurant, which was very popular with New Yorkers and tourists because of the view of the whole of New York. The chefs came from all corners of the world and were always there, in a good mood and early at work. At 7 a.m. the pre-cooking started. 100 hard-working people died on September 11th at their workplace from this restaurant.

Images in memory of the WTC

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